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The restaurant’s menu has a rustic Italian slant with entrées like dry-aged Bistecca Alla Fiorentina and sharable starters like fritti (rock shrimp, calamari, castelvetrano olives, green beans, romanesco, and chipotle aioli).Taking a detour from the French country aesthetic common at many California tasting rooms, the décor is modern and sleek, with clean lines and shades of gray and black.Next, he sowed the seeds for six culinary gardens, planting a vision that, as the years pass by, will make the inn and restaurant even more of a destination—perhaps a place where guests might pluck herbs or hope that an orange has dropped from the orange trees for a juicy and fresh late-afternoon snack.

Several Napa Valley wineries have rolled out second-, even third-, tier wines at a more affordable price point.

Its estate resembles a castle or fortress, but the goal is to bring its portfolio of wines—a mix of reds and whites, culled from 15 Napa Valley vineyards and in six tiers—into casual restaurants across the country.

Last year, founder Jacob Beringer’s great-great-grandson Mark Beringer—a member of the family’s fifth generation—joined the winemaking team as chief winemaker.

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