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There is no use in walking twice into the same water.Besides they had enough experience to implement various anti-scam approaches.Our firm actions are aimed to warn and punish those who do their dirty and dishonest business using internet and dating services.If you had some negative experience and suffered from emotional and material frustration, tell your own story and help others to avoid the same unpleasant situation.We all know that among many net users there are those who try to trick and cheat on others, and they should be known by sight to protect other people from being used.Information posted in the Blacklist will also be used for exchange with other anti-scam agencies and forwarded to the relevant authorities for further check up.

Some of these variations have a softer, more personal association with the speaker.

Ua Dreams emphasize that women registered on the website are not fake, their profiles are not fake, their perfect photos are not fake and not stolen.

I was surprised to know that before they register any single woman they verify her documents as to the marital status but not just to believe in words.

Thus before complaining about scam and fraud everywhere be patient and check this out, probably this is a point of a small fixing.

And girls are not swindlers, they are not scammers working in the greatest love dating industry in the world, they are just simple people that can make mistakes sometimes, change their mind. As to Uadreams – they are interested to have their reputation clear up from scam and the policy transparent.

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First of all I recommend you to ask your girl about this issue what exactly happened and then to require any investigation with this matter within head management. Both of them are directed to him but they are quite different with content. Keep in mind: the system is a thing where technical issues can happen very often and if you think that someone would like to trick you out you should be sure first that it is not a technical subject.

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