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I’m not saying that ‘he’ doesn’t do his homework, we all know that he keeps his eyes and ears to the grindstone and is always maximizing his ‘war-n-peace like writing style’ into a feature or series of them that detail every little detail.I on the other hand always try to give you my ‘picks’ and ‘tips’ and so once again we here at Insightful Accountant will be giving you a set of short ‘one act plays’ covering the individual changes, enhancements and new features of the 2016 desktop product line.I am always squimish about suggesting that users upgrade to the newest version of Quick Books until there is some 'time on the books' in order to identify if the Alpha-Beta Testing Process did the job and found all the problems prior to production release.While Intuit has streamlined (and reduced the upgrade time) the process of updating to the new version, which includes making an integrated back during the upgrade process, I will simply caution you and suggest that you may want to perform your own round of testing of a copy of your file before jumping into the 'deep end' and converting without really knowing if it is all going to work the way you think it should, or would want it too, even if Intuit didn't design it that way. Favorite Newbie # 1 – Improved Verify / Rebuild Since most of you know that I am a ‘database techy’ how could this not be my number one favorite for the new year, even though I still am not sure exactly what all these changes do other than present the results in new formats.Access this feature from the File menu, and then select Send Forms.You can easily select multiple forms using the checkmarks on the left, when you have identifed all the transactions you want cleared, simply click "Remove".You will need to have a good understanding of Zed Axis and Microsoft Excel.If you are switching straight across to Quick Books and don’t want to interrupt your business, you should undertake the conversion when you can set aside a couple of days to do the transfer and to complete all your checks.

So the ‘other guy’ got the scoop thanks at least in part to Intuit, who didn’t bother to send me the official notification that they were ‘releasing’ Quick Books on Tuesday 9/8.This function offers multiple filters and selection prompts to provide control over what is made available to void or delete.At present the new feature only permits you to deal with Invoices, Checks and Vendor Bills.The Verify Utility has a new look that provides more information without having to go to the file.There appeared, during my early testing of this feature, to be a few new ‘sub-routines’ being checked during the verification process.

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