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Be prepared to walk a mile or more from your parking space to a prime viewing site. More up and down the makai side of Kamehameha Highway on either side of the bay. How it got its name: The red soil that washes into the water from the valley above gives the way its name, literally “reddish water.” Pupukea Beach Park: Narrow and long, Pupukea is a popular place to stop on an around the island watch the big waves crash on the rocks.With few rideable waves, the site is known for it’s sublime sounds and sights.How it got its name: Pipeline refers to the clean barreling waves.Banzai is the Japanese exhortation and war cry, said to be first used at the site by filmmaker Bruce Brown. How it got its name: For the many beautiful and multifaceted sunsets that can be seen here, of course. With a stunning mixture of power and beauty, action and tranquility, it’s the place to be, especially in the winter months when the big waves and a big wave of sightseers roll in with an almost equal intensity.Not so long ago, the North Shore was still the quintessentially country place in Hawaii: laid back and largely unfamiliar beyond a certain circle of residents, surfers and wannabes.The restaurants, shops, waves and roads are crowded.Just ask any old-timer about traffic if you want to start a rant.

In calmer weather, there are three swimming sites: Three tables, Kapoʻo and Shark’s Cove.Lifeguard: No Parking: 26 stalls and more along the highway. How it got its name: At certain times of the year, small white mollusks with hard shelves wash into shore. Banzai Beach-Pipeline-ʻEhukai Beach Park: When the conditions are right, this two-mile stretch of beach (the longest continuous stretch of wide beach on Oahu) features some of best surf-watching opportunities in the world: long, clean barrels so close to shore that you can feel the ground shake when the waves break on the shallow reef.The park, located across from Sunset Beach Elementary School, on the southern end of this beach stretch offers the only off-road parking and rest rooms in this area.Waimea Bay Beach Park: The biggest, most historic, most famous of all the North Shore breaks, Waimea sometimes has rideable waves when all the other spots are closed out.Waves can reach 25 to 30 feet offshore and even the shorebreak can be a powerful, awe-inspiring site.

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And there’s talk about building new hotels in the area, which some say will change the pace of the place forever.

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